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Richard Kirkland honored
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A ceremony to honor the memory of Richard Kirkland, known as "The Angel of Mary’s Heights," was held Dec. 12 in Quaker Cemetery.

The ceremony, held at Kirkland’s monument in Quaker Cemetery in Camden, was organized and sponsored by the John D. Kennedy Chapter #308, United Daughters of the Confederacyamd the Joseph B. Kershaw Camp #82, Sons of Confederate Veterans.

Kirkland, a soldier in the Confederate Army, is remembered for his heroic, unselfish deed during the Battle of Fredericksburg, Va. On Dec. 14, 1862. Hearing the moans of dying soldiers on the bnattlefield, Kirkland asked permission to cross a protective wall and carry water to the dying Union soldiers. He received permission to do so, gathered canteens, and went over the wall to the battlefield, going to each mortally wounded soldier, making them as comfortable as he could and giving them water.

The Union soldiers on the other side at first were too amazed at Kirkland’s selfless act to shoot at him; when they realized what he was doing they held their fire.

Less than a year later, Kirkland was killed at the battle of Chickamauga.

Anthony Ziebol, author of "The Angel of May’s Heights – The True Story of Richard Kirkland, was the guest speaker for the ceremony. Stony Hilton of the SCV presented a commemorative document and book to Ziebol.

Following the service, Ziebol held a book signing and gave a presentation at the Camden Archives.