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After a one-year hiatus, Post 17 returns to its old League III home
CRAIG SMITH RETURNS for his second season as head coach of the Kershaw County Post 17 Senior American Legion team.
What did the Kershaw County Post 17 Senior American Legion team get for being the nice guy last year? A final 4-12 record in its first and only season in League IV.In the winter of 2012, the local entry saved state American Legion officials a major migraine when it stepped in to help out a Midlands-based circuit which was left with four teams when Irmo decided to pack it in for the 2012 summer season. Facing a steady diet of college players who dotted the West Columbia and Lexington rosters, Craig Smith’s young charges took the brunt of being the newest --- and, youngest --- kid on the block.At this year’s state meeting, Post 17 was asked to return to League IV. This time, Smith and KC athletic director Jeff Davis declined the offer.