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Chance to drive exotic sports cars awaits at CMP
TAKING A WEEKEND SPIN in this Lamborghini Gallardo is just one of the options offered by the Xtreme Xperience which makes a return stop to the Carolina Motorsports Park in Westville.
Xtreme Xperience, the country’s premier supercar driving experience, is heading full-throttle for Carolina Motorsports Park in Westville, with event dates set for Friday, Aug. 1, through Sunday, Aug. 3. Attracting more than 30,000 car enthusiasts to events across the country, Xtreme Xperience provides the thrill-filled and otherwise unattainable opportunity for everyday fans to drive exotic supercars from Ferrari, Lamborghini, Audi, Corvette and Nissan on a real, Formula One-inspired racetrack. “Driving a $200,000 supercar at three-digit speeds on a world-class racetrack is something most enthusiasts only dream of,” said Adam Olalde president of Xtreme Xperience.