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Clean and green
Grounds crew makes sure Springdale is safe and sound, 365 days a year
Cup Story Photo
Grady Humphries harrows the 5/8tth mile track on the grounds of the Springdale Race Course. A retired captain with the Camden Police Department, Humphries is foreman of the grounds crew at the home of the Carolina Cup. - photo by Tom Didato
At a time of morning when many a Carolina Cup-goer is rolling over in their bed, the men charged with making sure everything on the grounds of the Springdale Race Course and its adjoining property are in working order are already on the job and rolling out, assuring that everything is in place for the tens of thousands of patrons who will make their way through the gates in the coming hours. For those coming to the Carolina Cup, Saturday is a special day filled with tailgating, seeing old and making new friends while five horse races take center stage. But for Carolina Cup Director Jeff Teter, Springdale Race Course Foreman Grady Humphries and course workers Paul Harris, Bill Martin and Jonathan Smart, it’s business as usual … with a twist.