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Don’t call it a comeback
Kingsley returns to the saddle with one caveat ... that he rides what he trains
Kilronan web
CAMDEN’S ARCH KINGSLEY JR. rode Kilronan to victory in a $20,000 maiden hurdle at the Queens Cup last month. The 49-year-old trainer/jockey returned to riding this year after an eight-year layoff. (Photo courtesy of Jamey Price)
Resting atop neatly arranged bags of horse feed, Arch Kingsley Jr. slowly unraveled the green, cloth wraps from his legs before beginning the process of rolling them back up to be washed and be used again. In an unlit feed room at one of the stables which border the Springdale schooling course, a long morning of riding and training horses was coming to an end well after lunch hour had passed for most people who hold down normal jobs.