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Horse beats car just one storyline from a day at the Carolina Cup
SEAN MCDERMOTT GUIDES SYROS to the finish line and to victory in the C.P. and Edith Wills DuBose Cup timber race in Saturdays Mullikin Law Firm Carolina Cup. - photo by Tom Didato
Just when you thought that you might have heard every tale imaginable from the Mullikin Law Firm Carolina Cup races, along comes this nugget. Race director Jeff Teter was in his customary spot beside the track announcer’s booth atop the Springdale Racecourse grandstand, ready to take in Saturday’s final race of the afternoon, when a gentleman came looking for him. When the man met Teter, he said that he made the trip up the steps to report that a loose horse --- Sharp Numbers, which unseated jockey Willie McCarthy before the C.P. & Edith Wills DuBose Cup --- jumped over the south rail and hit his vehicle causing what the owner estimated to be “about $12,000 in cosmetic damage.”