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Less and less College Parkers getting behind the wheel
College Park buses.JPG
MORE THAN 200 chartered buses, filled with college students, made their way into College Park at the Springdale Race Course for last years Carolina Cup races. - photo by C-I photo by Tom Didato
When their two daughters took their respective turns going off to college, John and Sandy Cushman did what all responsible parents do when their children leave home for the first time.Among the first subjects which the Cushman girls were told about were the risks associated with drunk driving and, the danger involved in getting into a car with a person who had been drinking.John Cushman is glad to see that same message is getting through to Carolina Cup-goers.Sixteen years ago, when he was the Carolina Cup and the Colonial Cup race director, Cushman arranged to have College Park built on the back side of the Springdale Race Course. The primary objective, at the time, was to relieve the congestion and problems which occurred due to the overcrowding in the infield area at the Camden spring classic.Each year, like clockwork, the days following the Carolina Cup brought calls and letters to Cushman’s office complaining about noise being generated by the college-aged students and their parties, oftentimes situated next to more seasoned Cup-goers. That led to Cushman and assistant race director Hope Cooper coming up with the idea of College Park, which gave college students several acres of land to themselves.That first year, College Park was populated with between 30 to 40 buses.