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Sunshine Numbers + Cup = Win
Camden couple celebrates ride to Winners Circle
George - Pumping Fists
Sunshine Numbers owner George Sensor of Camden (right) pumps his fists in the air as trainer Arch Kingsley (left), applauds the 9-year-old Thoroughbreds big win at the Carolina Cup Saturday. - photo by Martin L. Cahn
After several days of hard rain, Friday morning’s skies lightened to blue, a parade of puffy gray and white clouds slowly marching by. The sun, as much as it could, began to dry the muddy ground around barns far back from Springdale Race Course’s schooling course off Knights Hill Road. Sunshine Numbers, a 9-year-old Thoroughbred, stood in one of the barn’s rear stalls where, through the trees, he could see and hear cars going by on Springdale Drive.