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Live Life to the Fullest
MARCUS WARREN, shown here on the back row far right, was involved in sports his entire life. He is pictured here with the Horton Tire baseball team in the Kershaw County Recreation League, a group of youngsters which he helped coach along with his uncle, Thoyd Warren, who is shown kneeling on the back row, far left.
Ron McKie remembers the night as if it were yesterday.He recalls how a high school gymnasium, packed for a pre-Christmas basketball tournament game, went silent in a matter of seconds. How an alley was formed by people in the commons area at Hilton Head High School when the stretcher carrying Marcus Warren was wheeled through the area to an awaiting ambulance.Listening to the Camden High School boys’ basketball coach tell it, the scene he described could have easily have taken place a day or so ago. Instead, the most horrifying scene in Bulldog athletic history happened 10 years ago today.In was on Saturday, Dec. 21, 2002, that Marcus Warren, a junior two-sport athlete at Camden High, succumbed to what the Beaufort County coroner termed heart-related natural causes.