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First time around nets Lugoff-Elgin shooters a second
Demons first-year sporting clays squad takes second place in state championship
L-E shooters
MEMBERS OF THE L-E sporting clays team and coaches pose with the second place trophy they won at the state championships in Georgetown. Members of the team were Charlton Ingram, Clayton Coker, Adam Shuler, Mack Trapp, Kelsey Worthington, Jonathan Lauricella, Mason Wolfe, Bryce McCulley, Sarah McClendon, Andrew Diehl, Will Barnes, Hunter Worthington, Logan Skrabak, Joseph Jordan, Steve Berry, Chandler Miles and Landon Ryan. The coaching and support staff was made up of Charlene Trapp (school sponsor), Jill Wolfe (finances), head coach Allen Trapp and assistant coaches Kip Wolfe, C.R. Miles and Steve Berry.
Imagine going to an auction and buying an item which you have wanted for some time. Then, once you get it home, you have no idea what to do with it.Now, you have an idea as to the predicament in which Allen Trapp, Kip Wolfe and C.R. Miles found themselves in trying to form a sporting clays team at Lugoff-Elgin High School last fall.The program was two years in the planning stages when L-E principal Tommy Gladden approached Trapp, then a member of the Camden Police Department, to see if he would be interested in starting up the proposed team. At the time, Trapp said, “I had too many irons in the fire.”The idea hardly died there as it was resurrected when Trapp’s longtime friend, Kip Wolfe, met with Gladden to see if there was any chance that the school would look back into the idea of having a sporting clays team.