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Forever a Knight
Boonetown resident and philanthropist Leonard Price earns his varsity letter
Price and Louis.JPG
LEONARD PRICE WAS AWARDED a varsity letter and this plaque, honoring his service and commitment to North Central High School, from NCHS athletic director Louis Clyburn.
Whenever there has been a need for assistance at North Central High School, whether athletic- and/or academic-wise, Leonard Price can always be counted on to do more than his fair share for the students.The gentleman, whose mother was a school teacher, has always placed a premium on education. He puts equal or greater importance on helping and supporting the younger generation as they take their first steps toward becoming good and productive citizens.No entity knows the extent to which Price’s numerous donations of his resources than does the North Central High athletic program. In 2009, when the Knights’ football team donated their used cleats to young African children who would use them for soccer in a program called “Kicks for Kenya”, the NC players did not need to replace their cleats with their own money.