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Knights wary of winless Rocks
J. Bonds
JULIAN BONDS ... NC lineman
It might be a hard sell if the North Central football staff did not have visual proof that Eau Claire is not as bad as its 0-7 record would indicate.When the Knights travel to Bolden Stadium in Columbia tonight to take on the winless Shamrocks, one thing which will not be packed on the bus will be an equipment bag filled with overconfidence.All week long, Louis Clyburn and his coaches have tried to impress upon their kids that Eau Claire is a team which has enough weapons and enough athletes with speed to come away with a win. The Knights are just hoping tonight is not the occasion on which the Rocks put a full 48 minutes of football together.“We’re very fortunate to have the film of their games,” Clyburn said of Eau Claire. “Our guys can see that regardless of this team not having won a football game, yet, this is a talented group of football players and a talented group of athletes.