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NC's opening game struggles continue with 14-12 loss
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INJURIES AND A TRANSFER in the center position had North Central head coach Louis Clyburn and his staff changing the offensive game plan in Fridays setback.
Telling anyone who would listen that just because C.A. Johnson was a Columbia city school without a rich football history that the Hornets were not a “cupcake” opponent, North Central head coach Louis Clyburn has the naysayers believing him now.C.A. Johnson dealt the host Knights their 17th consecutive opening game loss by downing Clyburn and company, 14-12, on Friday night at steamy Knights Stadium in Boonetown.While hardly in the mood to say “I told you so,” Clyburn said those who did not believe that Jerry Jackson’s class A invaders are a solid squad will think otherwise now.“C.A. Johnson is pretty good,” said Clyburn after the Week Zero setback. “They may only have 25 players on their teams, but they are 25 good players. Their offensive line averages 280 pounds across the front and they are very well-coached.”Saying this was a typical Week Zero game with plenty of mistakes on both sides on a night in which the two teams combined to run 120 plays, an area which Clyburn and his staff worked hard on in the pre-season came back to haunt the Knights on Friday.Earlier this summer, projected starting center Javon Kershaw moved to Miami.