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Visit from rival Volunteers helps keep Knights focused
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JEROMY ALEXANDER ... NC linebacker
Coming off a 42-point loss, the last thing North Central probably wanted to see on its football schedule was a game with a team with which the Knights had no history.With Andrew Jackson next up, there was no chance of NC loafing around and licking its wounds.When Louis Clyburn and his staff returned to the practice field on Monday to put in the game plan for tonight’s invasion from the neighboring Volunteers, they were met by a team which was spry and ready to go.Clyburn, whose team was dropped by Chesterfield, 62-20, last Friday, said playing an archrival after a game like that was just what the Knights need.“Probably so,” he said of playing a rival this week being a good thing.“We’ve had a good week of practice. Our coaches have been fired up in preparing for a different ballgame. You try to build that brick wall behind you and forget about that last ballgame and try to learn from those critical errors.”The Volunteers will come to Knight Stadium seeking their first win of the season after opening with six losses.