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Playing it safe
Concussion management initiative aims to take brain injuries out of play
Helmet to helmet.JPG
HELMET-TO-HELMET CONTACT is one of the main causes of concussions to football players at any level of play. The South Carolina High School League is assuring the safety of players who sustain such injuries through a new policy being implemented beginning this season.
No more can a football player say that he "just got his bell rung" and sit out a play or two before making his way back onto the playing field. Beginning this fall, all sports sanctioned by the South Carolina High School League (HSL) will play by the concussion management rule, which was part of a July 2010 National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) Sports Medicine Advisory Committee Report. With what could best be described with the unofficial motto of, "When in doubt, sit them out," the new HSL concussion management program suggests that no athlete should return to the playing and/or practice field on the same day in which he/she sustains a concussion.