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Karate kids strike it rich after a strong showing in Raleigh
INSTRUCTOR MATTHEW SMITH is surrounded by his students from Carolina Family Karate.
Kershaw County-based Carolina Family Karate took part in last month’s AAU North Carolina State Karate Championship and returned home with 27 medals. The competition team is coached by Matthew Smith and competed in the disciplines of Kata, Kumite and Kobudo. The following students won medals in the following disciplines: Kata - Gold: Lia Capello, Elizabeth Gustafson, Johnny Lee, Matthew Stevens, Alexandra Ivory Kata – Silver: Isabella Birket, Lainey Williams, Taz Larkin Kate – Bronze: Jay Little, Sara Gustafson, Blake Wagers Kumite – Gold: Ivory Kumite – Silver: Little, Sara Gustafson, Elizabeth Gustafson, Birket, Larkin Kumite – Bronze: Capello, Little, Lydia Gustafson, Lee, Williams, Stevens, Nate Manning Kobudo – Gold: Capello Kobudo – Silver: Elizabeth Gustafson, Williams Other teams members who took part in the competition included Jacob Wilkerson, Connor Doran, Jonathan Gustafson, Hannah Gustafson, Mitchell Birket and Ian Shivar.