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One and done
Boyd, Hi Horse crew make the best of the their only fishing tourney of the season
Hi Horse crew.JPG
CAMDENS BLAKE BOYD (second from left) celebrates along with members of the Hi Horse crew after winning the third annual Edisto Beach Offshore Challenge. Also pictured, from left, are tournament organizer Darrin Moore, Blake Boyd, Wilson Smith (Columbia), Richard Allen (Greenville), Blake Maynard (Belton) and Eric Hull (Tampa, Fla.).
Athletes will, oftentimes, go to great lengths in order to change their luck during an event and/or a season.In baseball, it can be a team turning their hats inside out in the hopes of sparking a rally. Some athletes will change their equipment or articles of clothing in trying to bust their way out of a slump.Then, there were the anglers aboard the boat of Camden’s Blake Boyd.Fishing in the third annual Edisto Beach Offshore Challenge on May 5, three members of Boyd’s vessel, the Hi Horse, took a few minutes off when the fish weren’t biting. The trio cooled themselves off by rinsing their heads in on-board buckets.