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The Fearless Forecast - our labor of love for you
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While the rest of you slackers are busy preparing for your Labor Day weekend and trips to the lake, the beach or backyard barbecues, remember those of us here at the Fearless Forecast who do not have the luxury of a long weekend.It is ironic that on this day and weekend of rest, the Casters are going to work with lunch pail in hand, a hard hat on their head and a copy of the latest line in their back pockets making their choices for your amusement and weekend selection purposes.It has been a long off-season here at the FF ranch as we delved into the free agent market and came up with a pair of newcomers which should strengthen the middle of our order which was so lacking in 2013. We plucked Gary “Guitarman III” Phillips along with Monique “Don’t Call Me Terrell” Owens to fortify our troops and join an undistinguished panel of holdovers.Just to get you back up to speed, when we last left this competition, Glenn “Eat My Dust” Tucker was walking away with another championship as he held off a furious late-season charge from Betsy “It’s In the Bag” Greenway. In preparing for this season’s contest, Betsy staged a Midnight Yell practice at midnight Thursday on the steps of City Hall in Camden.So, you may or may not be asking yourself, “What are we in for in 2014 from the ol’ FF?” Well, we are in the process of lining up some of the biggest stars in the galaxy as our guests, starting off with this week’s victim, er, guest Caster, “The Professor And” Mary Anne Byrd, the communications director for the Kershaw County School District which has a pair of propositions which will be on the November ballot which might interest you.Could this be the year that the guest(s) rally the troops and shed their Cubs-like string of futility and knock off the regulars?