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Things are tight atop the FF
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It can be argued that this is the greatest time of the year.You have college and NFL football being played, baseball is in its league championship series, hockey has started with the NBA soon to follow.And, oh yeah, we here in Kershaw County have the Fearless Forecast aka, the gift which just keeps on giving.As you take a gander above, you will see that we have a regular shootout going on as individuals compete for the prestigious FF crown and the week-long vacation for two to Perth Amboy, N.J., birthplace of Jon Bon Jovi, who penned the Fearless Forecast theme song for this competition while working at a radio station in New York in his younger years. Well, you can see who are the contenders and pretenders in this competition. But what happens, we have been asked, should the event end in a tie, even after the bowl games?We have thought about having a duel, but what if three or more people are knotted up.