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So, what else is new? DWTS snubs the cast of Fearless Forecast
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You know, with as popular as this contest is and its contestants are, you would think that at least one of the Fearless Forecast gang would have been invited to participate on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars.Come on, now. Let’s face it, we already know Alfonso Ribeiro is going to do his Carlton dance from the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Tommy Chong will do his walking scene from the movie, “Born in East L.A.” and Michael Waltrip ain’t winning this competition unless they hold it in Daytona.I guess the powers-that-be at ABC have never seen the mean rug which has been cut on the dance floor by Mike “Mr. September” Mischner who, we hear, still has his white polyester suit from when he was John Travolta’s stand-in during the shooting of “Saturday Night Fever.” And Jane Seegars “And the Silver Bullet Band” was an extra in the movie “Footloose” and can be ID’d in the big dance scene, if you look closely.Once again, however, Hollywood cast its no-good eyes in the direction of those one-time “stars” whose work can still be seen on TV Land, TBS and Turner Classic Movies between the hours of 1 a.m. and 5 p.m., just before those commercials come on where you can buy hunting knives stuck into a stump.One thing which TV reality shows cannot take away from us, though, are those for which you have to audition.