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Tempo key for both Knights and Spartans
LAMONT FRAZIER ... NC defensive end
Picture Louis Clyburn as the pit crew chief exhorting his North Central football team to step on the gas and put the hammer down.Across the way, Camden Military Academy boss, Will Rice, will play the role of a school crossing guard who holds up the stop sign to get people to slow down.In a nutshell, that is the approach the two men are taking as Rice and company head to Boonetown for their season opener against a Knight squad which upended Whitmire a week ago, 41-20, to even their record at 1-1 on the season.Without having had the benefit of playing a game or, even a scrimmage, the Spartans come into this game with plenty of questions they need to get answered. Rice hopes the responses will come at his team in a controlled setting. There is, he said, no need to rush things on the first time out.For that reason, the Spartans hope to play this game at a turtle’s pace and learn by doing.“It would be nice to shorten the game,” Rice said with a smile before a Monday practice.