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This week in League III
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Monday: Dalzell-Shaw at Post 17 (7 p.m.); Cheraw at Hartsville (7 p.m.); Manning-Santee at Sumter (7:30 p.m.) Tuesday: Hartsville at Post 17 (7 p.m.); Manning-Santee at Dalzell-Shaw (7 p.m.); Cheraw at Sumter (7:30 p.m.); Post 17 Juniors at Manning (7 p.m.)s Thursday: Post 17 at Manning-Santee (7 p.m.); Sumter at Hartsville (7 p.m.); Cheraw at Dalzell-Shaw (7 p.m.); Sumter at Post 17 Juniors (7 p.m.) Friday: Post 17 at Cheraw (7 p.m.); Manning-Santee at Hartsville (7 p.m.); Dalzell-Shaw at Sumter (7:30 p.m.)