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Historical Society: A motionless magic wheel pottery closed
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Dog Treeing Squirrel -- one of Otis Norris hand-turned jugs, purchased by columnist Harvey Teal as a Christmas present for his son. Norris closed Sandhills Pottery in 2014, but has moved his pottery wheel and other items to his home in Bethune. He may sell his work online or at shows, and may do some retail sales from his home.
When Otis Norris stood at this or sat at another of his wheels to turn a piece of pottery, (see illustration) clay flowed through his hands and fingers and magically appeared in one of the many forms and shapes he has produced since 1998. Sadly, Otis has closed his pottery and his “magic” wheel now stands idle. Sandhills Pottery, 1998-2014 In Just Mud, Kershaw County Pottery to 1980, published by the Kershaw County Historical Society in 2002, Porter McLaurin and and I traced Otis Norris’s former ownership of the Bethune Pottery, the earlier involvement of his father with that pottery, Otis’s establishment of his Sandhills Pottery in McBee, and its operation to 2002.