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A few pearls of wisdom
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“That man is so crooked he could crawl through a barrel of fishhooks and not get a scratch on him.” --Troy Stevenson We have all heard good witticisms, logic, nuggets of wisdom and funny expressions from our friends and neighbors. This is a smattering of collected expressions and we have duly noted the author when possible. “We were so poor, the bread had only one side to it.” --Ed Walden “If you ever sit down at a poker game and don’t see a sucker, get up.” --Bill Beckham “If a man cheats at golf, then he will cheat you in his business.” --Richard Ammons “She chased him until he caught her.” --Bruce Rush “The best time of retirement ... Sunday night.” --Tommy Hecker “You can make someone mad and they will get over it, but if you ever embarrass someone they will never forget it.” --Henry DuRant “You can’t have both the vote of the cotton and the endorsement of boll weevil.” --Fred Sheheen “It is better to start a sermon with the heat of hell before speaking about the virtues of heaven.” --Father Hesburg “Everybody has a scrapbook and everybody has skeletons in the closet.