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Camden During the Civil War: The Home Front Explored at the Camden Archives and Museum
1884 Sanborn Map Web
Detail from the 1884 Sanborn Fire Insurance Map of Camden. It shows the old town hall, built in 1850, which was the site of the Soldiers Rest from 1862 through the end of the war in 1865.
You may or may not be aware, but we Americans are in the middle of the Civil War Sesquicentennial now in the year 2013. Beginning in the year 2011 and running through 2015, the National Park Service and the Civil War Trust called for United States museums, parks, and civil war groups to hold an exhibit, a program, a reenactment, or some such event to commemorate the war. Not celebrate it -- commemorate that devastating period when the North and South waged war against each other from 1861 through 1865.