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Column: 18 years and counting
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Thursday marked my 18th anniversary with the C-I. I celebrated by doing what I usually do on Thursdays: polish up my latest article (in this case, my interview with new Kershaw County School District Superintendent Dr. Shane Robbins); proofread some pages (including this one, so if you find any mistakes ... uh ... talk to the editor); and load up today’s articles, columns, obituaries, etc., on the C-I’s website. When I think about my career here, I realize three interrelated things: 1) I’ve worked as a newspaper reporter and editor longer than in any other field; and 2) I’ve worked at the C-I longer than any other single place I’ve ever worked; which leads to 3) I’ve lived in the Midlands, mostly in Kershaw County, longer than any other one place I’ve ever lived. Aside from working for a few restaurants and once (very briefly) as a telemarketer, my second-longest career, as long-time readers may remember, was in radio broadcasting.