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Dr. John Witherspoon Corbett
Dr Corbett and Car - Archives
Dr. John W. Corbett was the first doctor in Camden to own an automobile. In the car is his wife, Rhetta, whom he married in 1885. Corbett was also the first doctor in Camden to own a bicycle and the first physician in Kershaw County to seek a cure for tuberculosis. He served as president and director of Camden Hospital, now KershawHealth, during its earliest years. This photograph is thought to have been taken in the 1940s.
As we prepare to celebrate KershawHealth’s Centennial during the week of April 21, it is fitting to remember those people who made the hospital a reality here in Camden. We have celebrated the Baruch family’s contributions, but there were those who moved quietly behind the scenes to make the hospital a reality. One such man was Dr. John Corbett.