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Have your say on No Child Left Behind
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Even without knowing the intricate details of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, also known as No Child Left Behind (NCLB), many have come across a teacher or two who says that their creativity and long-term effectiveness in the classroom has become limited since the implementation of NCLB. Consequently, it is honorable that the state of South Carolina has been motivated to submit a request for flexibility in NCLB requirements early next year and requests the input of the “community” of South Carolina. South Carolina Superintendent of Education Mick Zais and President Barak Obama have both said that although NCLB has a number of admirable and well-intentioned goals, the much-debated program leaves students all over the country left behind their peers nationally and internationally. Obama requests that the flexibility in NCLB requirements give the states room to work harder to fix the gaps in achievement, not just relax with the removal of the standards.