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Is your economy doing very well?
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During the last two years, have you: ... been able to make your full rent or mortgage payment each month? ... received a pay raise that at least kept up with the cost of living? ... paid off or, at least, are keeping up with outstanding loans (including student loans), credit cards and other debt? ... been able to buy whatever medications you need without having to weigh that against groceries to feed you and/or your family? ... had any money in a savings account, and, if so, is it enough to cover your expenses for at least three months? ... been able to hold any investments? If you answered yes to all of these questions, then there’s a chance you’re not going to understand what I’m going to say here. If you answered yes to at least one, but especially two or more of these questions, you’ll know what of I plan to speak (or write, in this case).