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KershawHealth is our hometown hospital
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Local hospitals can be found in large cities and small towns or even in rural areas. It simply refers to hospitals in your locality or hometown. With growth in infrastructure and population, hospitals in small towns are also expanding to be able to deal with the demands of a growing and aging population.  With this in mind, it’s usually not difficult to find a hospital -- especially when there is one in your backyard.

In most cases, local hospitals are networked to each other and provide support to each other. A patient might be admitted at hospital A, but hospital B has the technology required for treatment. Files are sent electronically and the patient is transferred without disruption.

I have been extremely fortunate though my five decades of life to be mainly a visitor at hospitals -- as opposed to a patient. Recently, with some issues with my dad (who reads this newspaper religiously), I have been a visitor to our local hospital, KershawHealth, many times over the last few months. 
I have visited the ER at 3 a.m., outpatient at 6 a.m. and various rooms in between! I have discovered, first-hand what a gem of a health care facility we have here in our backyard. My dad got quality care and attention. The staff not only asked my dad if they could get him something to drink, they asked me, ME, if I would like anything to drink!

As I passed employees in the hallway, they always spoke. From registration to checkout, the staff was always courteous. That attitude speaks volumes and helps to make the entire hospital experience a positive one. 

We tend to take our health for granted. I have heard it has often been said that, if we were sick, we would trade any wealth accumulated in exchange for good health. At the same time, if we were healthy, we would not trade that good health for all the riches in the world.

KershawHealth is a hub of activity. We are very fortunate to have our hospital nearby. What if we had to drive out of county for an ER? We may take our health for granted, but let’s not take KershawHealth for granted. Thank you, KershawHealth, for being in our backyard and for being such a good neighbor in our community.  

Type to you next month.