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Magazines and the 'power of print'
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Anyone who knows me knows I have a mild addiction to Gentleman’s Quarterly, more commonly known as GQ. Similarly, I’m drawn to GQ’s Conde Nast counterpart, Vanity Fair. (I did, however, refuse to buy the January issue of VF featuring Justin Bieber on the cover. No, I do not have Bieber Fever.) To be honest, I’m a junkie for many magazines -- Rolling Stone, Travel & Leisure, Architectural Digest, Esquire, the New Yorker, etc. -- but I’m dogged in never missing an issue GQ and VF -- unless, again, Justin Bieber is gracing the cover. That said, I’ve still read the bulk of the Bieber issue online, I just don’t want the cover in my apartment. (Hey, I think I have a column topic for next week -- “Disdain for Bieber.”) What I so love about the stories in magazines is that they find a balance between newspapers and books.