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Mather Matters
The John Roy Harper Sr. years
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In the 1953 Eagle, the Boylan-Haven-Mather Academy senior class dedicated its annual “to the founders and builders of Browning Home and Mather Academy: Sarah Babcock Mather 1887-1901, Fannie O. Browning 1887, Emma Levi 1887-1889, Samuel Herbert Tindley 1912, Elizabeth Wellman 1915-1920, Millicent Fuller 1933, Women’s Home Missionary Society 1890-1939, and Women’s Division of Christian Service 1940-1953.“ In this same annual is a photograph of John Roy Harper Sr., a Mather teacher since 1939. He would play a prominent role in Mather Academy matters for many years. His ninth grade son, John Roy Harper Jr. is also pictured in this annual.