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Noble: Hey, wheres my job?
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Consider the following from recent news sources: On unemployment in S.C. and nationally: • For April 2016, the S.C. unemployment rate rose for the second month in a row to 5.8 percent, up a bit from 5.7 percent in March -- this is bad. • The April unemployment rate in S.C. ranged from a high of 9.1 percent in Allendale to a low of 4.34 percent in Lexington County -- this is good or bad, depending on where you live. • While S.C.’s jobless rate was 5.8 percent, the jobless rate was 5.0 percent nationally -- this is bad as we are below the national average. • The number of people working in S.C. rose to an all-time high of 2.8 million, up 7,300 people in April alone -- this is good, as more people are working. • In April, statewide, the financial and manufacturing sector added a combined 3,500 jobs and the leisure/hospitality and professional and business services sectors were up by 2,200 positions -- this is good, these are big sectors of our state’s economy. • In April, the S.C. trade, transportation and utilities sector lost 2,000 jobs -- this is bad as these are also big sectors of our economy. And this on wages: • In 1996, the federal minimum wage was $4.25 an hour and today it is $7.25 an hour -- this is good as the wage has gone up. • The buying power of a minimum wage pay check during this time has dropped 27.3 percent -- this is bad as the effective wage had gone way down and we in S.C. have lots of people stuck in minimum wage jobs • An average living wage for a single adult in South Carolina is $10.49 an hour. The living wage for a family of four is about $13 an hour -- this is bad as it shows how many people in our state just can’t make it on their minimum wage job.