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Noble: Politics the way its supposed to be
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Politics -- it’s become a dirty word. It’s about crass politicians talking about “little hands” and other body parts; it’s sleazy lobbyists who dole out campaign contributions for lawmakers’ votes; it’s political consultants who hire out to the highest bidder; it’s politicians who spout fear, bigotry and lies simply because they can; it’s a system of gerrymandered districts which make it impossible for reasonable moderate people to get elected; it’s slick TV ads crafted based on public opinion polls and not political ideas or principles; it’s regular citizens and their interests getting steam rolled by special interest and special influence; it’s campaigns which cost way too much and are too often about fundraising; it’s about gridlock in our national and state capitals where compromise is a dirty word; it’s about something called super PACs, which seem capable of dumping tens of millions in secret money into campaigns; it’s a few governors, senators, congressmen or legislators getting together to work out “the deal” and then forcing it down the throats of the people who elected them; its industry lobbyists in Washington ganging up with the bureaucrats who issue special interest regulations to tell people on the local level what to do -- and on and on it goes. It does not have to be this way.