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Noble: The tech sector is exploding in Charleston
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The title of this column is not a wish or an aspiration -- it’s a statement of fact. For years now, economic development people and politicians have talked about building the technology sector like it was the Holy Grail, and the Holy Land was Silicon Valley. With the help of some clever marketers who came up with cute names -- there is now a Silicon Something sprouting up almost everywhere you look -- Silicon Alley (New York City), Silicon Shore (Santa Barbara), Silicon Hills (Austin), Silicon Mountain (Denver), Silicon Forrest (Portland), etc. And it’s not just a U.S. phenomenon -- there is a Silicon Glenn (Scotland), Silicon Fjord (Finland), Silicon Oasis (Dubai), Silicon Beach (Australia), Silicon Dock (Northern Ireland), Silicon Cape (South Africa), etc. If you search in Wikipedia, you will find it lists Silicon Something in 28 U.S. cities and regions and 61 globally -- and there are probably twice this number which haven’t yet got on to Wikipedia’s list.