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One-and-done ruining game
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With the NCAA’s college basketball tournament coming to a head this weekend -- the championship game will be played Monday night -- it’s time to take a look at one of the worst rules ever enacted: the National Basketball Association’s 19-year-old minimum age, which has contributed to the “one-and-done” culture of today’s college hoops scene: that is, players who come out of high school, go to college for one year and then skip to the NBA. Until the age minimum was enacted six years ago, a handful of high school players -- those with advanced skills -- went straight to the NBA. The one-and-done rule makes a farce of the term “student athlete,” which in many cases isn’t very credible to start. Kids get recruited, attend class for one semester and then drop all pretense of studying, knowing they’re going to declare for the draft. Who could blame them?