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Patience doesn't mean you stop trying
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I’ve heard it a million times -- patience is a virtue.

And, unfortunately, it’s a virtue that I have never possessed.

The last six months of my senior years, in both high school and college, were pure torture.

There’s very few things that I’ve ever wanted badly enough to stand in a long line for.

And even now, as I inch closer and closer to my 26th birthday (yikes!), I’ve found that my patience threshold has dropped even further.

Of course, I came to that conclusion as I found myself looking up the Wikipedia plot summary to an action movie -- while I was actually watching the movie.

Patience -- it’s one of those things that is often required of us, but is still the hardest to master.

And in a world where messages can be sent anywhere in the world in less than three seconds --  a world where you can seemingly do anything with just a few touches on your iPhone screen -- accepting anything less than instant gratification is nearly impossible.

But the key to having patience, I’ve learned, is to never be patient for everything at once.

Patience is much more than just sitting around and waiting on something to happen; while waiting on one thing, you can always achieve another goal.

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Recently, an older friend of mine told me that she’s never worried about when she will get married and settle down. 

Instead, she said, she was going to continue to use her time to travel, further her career and just love herself.

You can’t always control when something will happen, but you can always make an effort to be prepared and ready for it when it does come.

Some of the best things in life require patience and waiting.

But that doesn’t mean that you should use waiting for the right time for something to happen as an excuse to just sit around and twiddle your thumbs.

If something is worth having, it’s worth waiting for, and in most cases, it’s also worth the effort to get it.