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Pleasures, products and profits from the Vine
Start Bohemia chickens cropped
In the early 1900s, Camden photographer E.T. Start photographed Bohemia, a home later known as The Hedges. In the right edge of this photograph, Start captured a grape arbor on the grounds. The Hedges became the home of Harry Kirkover, father of the Carolina Cup. Today, it is the home of Clifton W. Anderson Jr. - photo by Courtesy of the South Caroliniana Library
“When the first European explorers cast eyes on the strange shores of North America, they saw a plentitude of native grapes.” So wrote viticulture authority University of South Carolina professor Dr. George S. Shields. In September 1683, 13 years after the English settled at Charles Town, one Louis Thibou observed in a letter, “The native vines also produce very good grapes but the pity of it is they produce too much wood and too heavy a growth of leaf, which hinders the fruit from ripening; all the same I have planted several which have done well.”