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Travels of a Historical Document
Historical Society - 04-01-13
Harvey S. Teal, author of this column (second from left), presents his donation of the Lieut. William E. Johnson Jr. list of the Immortal Six Hundred to Henry Fullmer, director of the South Caroliniana Library March 24 at Camdens Holly Hedge, owned by Ben Schriener (far left).
On June 9, 2012 at a Civil War show in Columbia, S.C., I browsed along from one dealer table to the next searching for Civil War relics in my fields of interest. As I examined the items on the table of the Broadfoot Publishing Company, with much excitement and anticipation I opened a folder labeled, “Immortal Six Hundred -- original manuscript.” When I realized I was examining a Lieut. William E. Johnson Jr. 1864 manuscript list of the Immortal Six Hundred, goose bumps arose on my arms.