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Was it really Santa Claus?
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Childhood is a wonderful time! A small child really believes he or she could “catch a falling start and put it … in a pocket.” Nothing is impossible. Also, the warmth of love and acceptance comes from family and friends. Nowhere are the problems of finance or payment. Some children even tell their parents, when told they are big boys or girls, “I don’t want to grow up.” Even the story Peter Pan concerns a group of children who fly off with Peter, who has never had to grow up.

Sadly, the time comes when a child begins to question the truth of such wonderful tales as Santa Claus, not being aware that finding out brings reality and the loss of wonder. Just one such little girl began to question, because she was now in school, and many individuals enjoy destroying this sense of possibility. Sometimes it is an older sibling or a classmate. Anyway, one little girl began a search and said, “I don’t believe in Santa Claus.” Her search became something special.

One day, she and other family members were seated at a table when the little girl noticed that a man seated at an adjoining table had a white beard and was also wearing a red shirt. In the whisper that only children have, which often carries farther than a shout, she said to one of her party, “That man looks like Santa Claus.”

When she left for a moment, the man asked her name. Finding out that it was Carissa, he later spoke to her, calling her by name and urging her to get her list ready. He also gave her a picture of himself dressed in the usual costume of Santa Claus. Whether the man worked as Santa in some store or just liked children and enjoyed  perpetuating the joy of Christmas, the little girl became a true believer: “I believe; I do believe.”

As the years pass, this little girl will lose her sense of belief, face problems, and grow old; however, this kind gentleman, whether he be the real Santa Claus or not, has given her a recollection that will always remain vivid. For Christmas, she can always say, “I believe, I believe” when she recreates this memory. Who know, perhaps it was the real Santa Claus. It will certainly be for this little girl, no matter her age!