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Anonymous charges
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An anonymous group has sent a letter to Kershaw County Board of School Trustees Chairman Joey Dorton charging that the school district -- its top officials, who make employment decisions -- had decreed who would be hired, or at least which races would be hired, before interviewing began for three principal’s positions in the county.

We have no idea whether the letter has merit or not. We do know, and of course support, the concept of diversity in hiring top administrators in the district. Management positions should reflect the population of the county. But like many, we reject a quota system, and making a decision to hire people of certain races, simply because of the color of their skin, would be just as wrong as not hiring them because of the color of their skin. According to the letter, officials had decided in advance to hire two African-Americans and one white person.

But the problem is that the allegations are made anonymously. Those who hide behind such cloaks of secrecy show little will or gumption, and the idea of “retribution” is often cited by such groups. But people who observe genuine inequities should have the courage to step up and state their opinions. Without knowing whether such a statement was ever made -- we certainly hope it wasn’t -- we can nevertheless make a judgment that little credence can be given to charges made by people who hide behind a veil of secrecy.