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Anti-tax pledge regrets
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As most Kershaw County residents realize, there’s a huge fight going on in Washington over how to solve the immense budget deficits that are plaguing the country. Those on the far left seek large tax hikes -- that’s no surprise -- while those on the far right want nothing but spending cuts. Lawmakers in the middle, who are more and more scarce these days, realize that there has to be some compromise if the country is going to thrive economically.

Even many conservative Republicans are having second thoughts about the anti-tax pledge many of them signed, the brainchild of Grover Norquist, who heads the group Americans For Tax Reform. Norquist is one of those who considers virtually anything a tax hike and is taking a hard line in reminding elected officials of their pledges. For instance, his organization believes that if Congress scales back the senseless write-offs for ethanol production, then that’s a tax increase.

However you might interpret that, some solons are ruing the pledges they made, and they are right to do so. Stating something in stone, without realizing that unprecedented circumstances might arise, just isn’t a good way to run this country. We have certainly advocated a conservative tax strategy, but we also believe that something’s got to be done about getting the budget under control, and it can’t be done strictly by spending cuts. We hope that people in elected office will stop these senseless pledges -- whatever they might be -- and make up their own minds, without pressure from people like Grover Norquist.