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Candidate profiles
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With Election Day coming up in less than two weeks, we hope everyone has been educating themselves on issues and candidates, both nationally and locally.

Here at the C-I, we are trying to help by getting information out regarding candidates and issues. In fact, this week we have already run Question and Answer profiles on Alfred Mae Drakeford and Laurie Parks, the two candidates running for Mayor of Camden; in today’s C-I you will find similar profiles on Joanna Craig, John Moncure and Stephen Smoak, the three candidates running for Camden City Council; next week we will run profiles of county council candidates, as well as a detailed story on the upcoming school bond/penny sales tax referendum.

We hope people will think carefully and vote thoughtfully. We urge you to vote your conscience and your heart, but we also implore you to temper emotion with fact and please think about the greater good. 

It’s not just about political party lines and the cult of personality. We are talking about the future of our town, our county, our state and our country. 

So please, get the facts and use that information to the best of your ability. Voting is a sacred right, indeed, the foundation of the principles by which we live. 

Most important, yes, your vote does matter. Use it wisely.