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Editorial: The battlefield
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We are happy to include a press release and photographs from Historic Camden Revolutionary War Site announcing the launch of new, regularly scheduled tours of the Camden Battlefield and Longleaf Pine Preserve some 8 miles north of Camden on Flat Rock Road.

The announcement has been a long time coming and heralds yet another step toward linking much of Camden’s and the county’s history in a unified way.

On the third Saturday of every month, starting next week on July 20, residents and visitors can gather at Historic Camden’s main campus on South Broad Street in Camden. They will then use their own vehicles to caravan up to the battle site and tour a part of the 476 acres now owned and maintained by Historic Camden.

In addition, private group tours can be arranged for families, companies and military organizations that can include cannon firings and hands-on demonstrations.

The pending construction of the Camden-Kershaw County Visitors Center next to Historic Camden downtown promises to tie together much of the city and county’s historic and other tourism assets. The new tours will surely be one of the highlights the center will be able to point visitors toward experiencing.

Thanks to Historic Camden, the battlesite -- long considered a curiosity to some -- has now become a living, breathing destination to learn more about our history and experience the grandeur of our natural resources.