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Editorial: Beechwood MPD
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Many years ago, when the name Beechwood meant controversy, there would be some haranguing any time we reported there was a hearing concerning its annexation or rezoning.

Tonight, the Camden Planning Commission will hold a hearing to consider a rezoning request from a planned development district (PDD) to a master planned development (MPD) district.

We expect little, if any, controversy, especially considering the change from PDD to MPD changes virtually nothing of the Health Services District of Kershaw County’s plans to convert part of the former estate into a new Karesh Long Term Care facility.

As explained in our front page story, while a PDD requires a mix of uses -- say, a number of homes with a mix of small stores thrown in -- an MPD can be all of type of thing: commercial or residential or industrial, without the need for a mix.

All the change for an MPD does is help the Beechwood/Karesh property comply with state law. That’s pretty much it.

We are still excited at the plans, and are happy to see -- as shown in a sketch plan of the property -- that the main entrance will be off S.C. 97, as promised, and that the facility will be nestled into the northeast corner of the property, behind Food Lion.

The health district is to be applauded for its effort to put Beechwood to what we believe is its best use and in manner than will cause the least impact to neighbors while having a great impact on the future of senior care in this county.