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Editorial: Bramblewood
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We are pleased to report, on today’s front page, Bramblewood LLC’s decision to -- along with the Congaree Land Trust and S.C. Conservation Bank -- place its more than 680 acres of undeveloped woodlands, fields and wetlands along the Wateree River under a conservation easement. This means these natural resources will remain forever undeveloped.

In a fast-changing world with an ever-growing population, which in turn necessitates more housing, infrastructure and amenities, it is good to know that Bramblewood now becomes a part of more than 1,500 acres to be so conserved in Kershaw County; 77,630 acres across 14 central South Carolina counties; and 315,000 acres along the Wateree, Congaree and Santee rivers in South Carolina. That same, ever-growing population will now have a place, in perpetuity, that serves as a home to various forms of wildlife, vegetation that provides a public health benefit (clean water and air), and even protects history.

As the press release from the Congaree Land Trust details, Bramblewood used to be part of the Cofitachequi chiefdom and, later, “sustained a way of life fueled by the river, fertile swampland and bounty of wildlife tied to the land.”

The members of Bramblewood LLC have decided to remain anonymous. Nevertheless, we hope the entire Kershaw County community will join us in fervently thanking them for this gift to us and future generations.