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Editorial: Crime
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If it seems like we’re publishing a lot of crime stories lately, you’re not wrong. Part of that is thanks to a better relationship with the Kershaw County Sheriff’s Office than we’ve had in recent years, allowing us access to incident reports so we can bring you our periodic crime report features.

Incident reports from the sheriff’s office and Camden and Elgin police departments also allow us to provide additional detail in front page crime stories, of which we have three today.

The increase in reporting does not necessarily mean there is an increase in crime. The increase in reporting is due, mostly, to the increase in access. Certainly, there are times when it appears that crime is on the rise -- and there, indeed, may be times when crime does rise.

For the most part, though, we believe there is a rise and fall to these things, whether caused by economic cycles, weather patterns or even the cycle of the moon.

Our point is this: While we will never shirk from covering crime -- you have the right to know both where crime is taking place and how our law enforcement agencies are handling those crimes -- the three stories on today’s front page and the long county crime report on page 5 are not being published to cause worry or panic.

We often promise to bring you the real news of Kershaw County. Crime is, unfortunately, part of life, and we will continue to report it. Thankfully, we are now bringing you a more realistic picture of that part of our lives.