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Editorial: Happy ending
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Readers today will notice a story on the front page about a dog rescued by members of the Kershaw County Humane Society.

Animal rescue groups rescuing animals, in and of itself, is not unusual. But, Camden and Kershaw County do have a special place in its heart for our furry friends. Most of us love our critters and that’s great.

That there are some sub-humans out there -- even here, in Kershaw County -- who engage in animal cruelty and even appear to enjoy such behavior -- is inconceivable, inexplicable -- and absolutely inexcusable.

So when a story like this one comes along, it is all the more poignant. This dog, aptly named “Courage,” was abused, abandoned and left to die in the woods in a slow, miserable, drawn-out way. Fortunately, he was rescued. Happily, he has been adopted into a loving forever home.

We wish they could all end like that.

With the holiday season upon us, it is an especially good time to remember and help the less fortunate and we encourage everyone to do just that, in whatever way you see fit. Maybe it’s a donation to a soup kitchen or the United Way. Maybe it’s a few old blankets and a bag of dog food to the animal shelter, or a couple of dollars to any of the worthy non-profits around town.

After all, who doesn’t love a happy ending, especially this time of year?