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Editorial: High tech crime
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Readers today will notice a story about the arrest of several people who were caught allegedly placing credit card skimmers in gas pumps in town.

We would like to congratulate and thank the Camden Police Department for their quick response and diligence in this matter.

It’s a brave new, sometimes frightening world out there. With technology, of course, comes convenience and consequence. It’s certainly nice to be able to pull up to a gas pump, or an ATM, or any of a number of such things, and be able to simply swipe a piece of plastic to conduct a quick and convenient business transaction.

Unfortunately, criminals, miscreants and other such parasites continue to find ways to steal from productive, law abiding citizens -- in this case, by placing tiny electronic devices within credit card readers that allow said parasites to steal credit card information. While most of the time losses are minimal, it’s still a real aggravation to have to deal with such things, especially since one usually doesn’t even know they have been the victim of a crime until later. Worse, it is very difficult to catch the dregs who engage in such criminal acts.

So we are pleased that the CPD appears to have taken a few off the street and hopefully the justice system can keep them behind bars for a little while.

In the meantime, it pays to be vigilant and to that end, we encourage people to monitor their financial business periodically.

And as always, if you see unusual or suspicious activity, whether in real time or in cyberspace, please report it.