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Editorial: Holiday shopping
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Today is Black Friday.

We wouldn’t go so far as to call it a holiday tradition so much as a somewhat puzzling annual phenomenon. Bargains and sales aside, battling traffic, camping out in front of malls and shopping centers, getting into running scrums with strangers over various and sundry consumer fads does not come to mind as a favorite holiday pastime.

But to each his/her own. This is America and far be it from us to tell people how to kick off their holidays.

On the other hand, tomorrow is Small Business Saturday, and while this, too, is somewhat new, we find this one a bit easier to handle -- and definitely easier to support.

The idea, of course, is to visit and support local, small businesses here at home. Chances are, these are friends and neighbors, people who are the backbone of our business community. It’s not a far stretch to say that spending dollars locally supports all of us, as those dollars stay within the community. We believe you can find most anything you want or need locally, right here, saving yourself the headache of traveling to larger, more crowded places.

Chances are, there are Small Business Saturday events happening somewhere near you -- including a quaint, fun celebration starting in downtown Camden tomorrow morning at the park at Broad and Rutledge streets.

We hope everyone enjoys a blessed and bountiful holiday season!